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Coaching with Rianna
Available in-person & online

Using principles of Positive Psychology and Leadership coaching to provide sessions that will help you to achieve success in a productive way.

Rianna's mission is to support purpose-led individuals to reach their full potential. She provides coaching and resources for people to work productively in the workplace and beyond

Corporates & Community Groups

Bespoke coaching sessions tailored to your business needs


Bespoke coaching sessions for students on career progression and personal development


Working 1-1 with multi-facet individuals to provide clarity on your personal and professional goals


Coaching is for you if

You know what you ‘should’ do but you’re finding making change very hard and need support.

You are struggling to find a work-life balance, you are starting to fall out of love with your work

You have ambitious goals but you need guidance and accountability to make them happen!

Companies I have empowered

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